This is not a typical post, so it is not coming on a typical day.

I want to start by saying that God speaks so clearly and fills us up when we just take the time to refuse to be too busy for Him.  Easter break was this past week (I am a school teacher, for those who do not know) and I enjoyed time away.  No Facebook, no blog (I had prewritten and set to publish while I was gone), no e-mail, no nothing, and while ministry is a good thing, too much of anything can make a person crazy.  God is probably the only exception to that rule.  You can never get too much of Him.

This past week was a good time of refreshment and new life for some of my old dreams and desires for what I believe God wants this ministry to accomplish.  I wanted to let you in on it, so you can pray and so you can keep me accountable.

Some big things happening

* New Beggar’s Daughter site coming soon!  It will hopefully be live by May 1.  Of course, demands of school and life in general can change that, so be flexible, but I am in the finishing stages.  Good news:  The blog will be with the site.  I am very excited about that development.

*  I am in the process of designing a personal writing and speaking website (I know… old news).  I battled with whether or not I should for a long time, but ultimately decided that Beggar’s Daughter is not meant to be a commercial industry.  It is a ministry and if I overload it with headshots, speaking details and stuff that’s all about what I do and how to reach me, people are going to completely miss the message.  It will cease to be a resource and I do not want that.  At the same time, it will free me to address some broader topics that do not fit under the premise of Beggar’s Daughter.  Women struggling with lust need a safe place designed for them, and Beggar’s Daughter will continue to be that.

* New PRINTED Material!  I came to a great conclusion this past week- I am a writer who speaks (writer first, speaker is a distant second).  I never ever planned on having speaking events so the fact that those have happened humbles me, but it isn’t my heartbeat, so I have decided to invest in my heartbeat– writing.  That means, actual ink and paper resources available.  They will be available from my personal speaking site, since hosting a store will be far easier to do there than on the new Beggar’s Daughter site (and again with the commercialism). 

* “Love Done Right” in print.  A friend of mine is a self-published author and was able to get me connected with a great printer, so look for Love Done Right to reach print in mid-May and be available from that personal website.  If you have any feedback on the Kindle edition, you need to speak now.  I will also equip it with an ISBN so it can be sold at a church/college bookstore or the like.  It will continue to be available on Kindle and will become available on other e-reader platforms in mid-may.  Look for another free Kindle download day coming soon, in case you missed it!

* A Facebook Support Group.  Another thing I debated alot.  Having a support group on Facebook will help women shed the anonymity offered in pornography and lust, but since it will be a closed group, it will also be a safer place for them.  Anyone who compromises that security can be easily banned and only women will be allowed.  There is a little more control, and, again, this is supposed to be a safe place.

Writing Conference.  In an effort to steward this talent the best way I can, I will be attending a writer’s conference in the coming months.  I had two possibilities but both conflicted with prior engagements.  The third is in August.  Why do I tell you?  Because writer’s conferences are a great place to make connections and grow this ministry, and to grow my own skills as a writer.  Please keep that conference in your prayers.  God opened the doors so far, and even if the actual Beggar’s Daughter book doesn’t sell there, I know He will challenge me to be more surrendered to Him.

Thanks for listening.  We will now return to our previously scheduled content–