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Over and over again, as I work with women trapped in lust I am reminded of one of the most crippling ‘side effects’ of our sin– it tears apart Jesus.

This is going to be the start of an I-don’t-know-how-long series designed to simply pull us into the heart of Christ.  Why is that important? 

You may be wondering that very thing.  You may be thinking, somewhere, “Jessica, what does this have to do with lust or being anti-pornography?” 

My answer:  Everything.

Time and time again, as I work with mothers, fathers, and young women, I come across all of these “approaches” to Jesus. 

We treat Jesus like an aloe plant.

It seems to be tradition for my family to have an aloe plant in the kitchen.  It’s good for burns.  It really is not much good for anything else.  It does not have pretty flowers or an attractive smell.  It’s just this nubby, green, spiny, plant that sits in the window sill, happily soaking in the sun and occassionally withering due to neglect.  A little splash of water and all is fine, well, and good. It’s the perfect bachelor plant if any of you men are looking.

However, the moment my flesh touched that oven rack (I have a fear of burns, by the way), the only thing on my mind was that aloe plant.  Obviously, staring at the aloe plant wasn’t enough.  Even touching the aloe plant wasn’t enough.  If I wanted any relief, I would actually have to break off a piece of the aloe plant, exposing the gooey aloe inside (think sunburn relief cream- same stuff) and slather that all over the burned area.  Then, the used piece of aloe got thrown away. 

We do that to Jesus.

So many times we are guilty of leaving Him sitting there until we need something.  Then, we go running to Him, rip off whatever portion suits us at the moment and leave the rest for later.

This takes many different shapes, and applies to both Jesus Christ, and the God head triunily (I think I just invented that word).

Jesus is mercy.

Jesus is love.

Jesus is grace.

God is a Heavenely Father.

He will punish your sin.

He knows all your wrong.

the list goes on…

It’s all pieces of the same picture. 

So often, I tell women to focus on God as they come out of pornography.  But zeroing in on our favorite attribute is not enough- we need the whole picture.

If we want freedom, we have to focus on the whole Jesus, not whatever part works for where we are right now. 

He is mercy, and He is truth.  He is justice, and He is grace.  He is a Heavenly Father, but He is also acquainted with our suffering.  He is our best friend, but also is holy.  He is the Almighty Judge, but also our Atoning Sacrifice. 

This could get uncomfortable.  It could (and already has) challenged the “Christianese” norms of our church society.  He is the Light, and it can be blinding at times, but I do hope that you will prayerfully take this journey with me as we focus on God in His wholeness and how that wholeness makes us whole again.