Hebrew: meaning, “cord, expectation, ground of my expectation.


We have them for ourselves and for others and, often, we fail to meet them.  If we take a moment to step back and evaluate our lives, we will find our emotions are often structured by expectations.  Just last night I was completely crushed because a friend had not met an expectation she had set.  Life would be a lot easier if we just didn’t have any.

BUT, expectations are not a bad thing.  In fact, a lack of expectations for ourselves is often one of the factors that leads us into a life of lust.  Having expectations we can’t meet keeps us from a life of faith.

Somewhere in the middle there is a balance.  It’s simply called God.

Where is it found?  Psalm 62:5

My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from Him.

Here’s a perspective shift for us.  So often we wait for stuff.  We wait for a moment; we wait for a blessing, and our joy becomes rooted in that moment or blessing.

For instance, as a single young woman, I have the tendency to expect marriage.  Some days I find all of my hope is rooted in the possibility of someday one day hopefull getting married.  When an eligible bachelor crosses the radar screen, then, a bit of joy wells up in my heart.  I am happy.  God has not forgotten me, but what happens when that expectation is not met?  What happens when Prince Charming turns out to be not so much?

Lust has a way of warping our hopes and warping our expectations.  For most of us they are set so low that we find ourselves bottom feeding off such sludge as pornography.  We don’t have high expectations for our own lives, for how others should treat us or how God could love us. 

It is enough, we say, that He died.  I can’t expect much more.

But you can!

You can expect HIM.  He can be the ground, the firm foundation, on which your hope is built.  That is a foundation that doesn’t move and doesn’t change.  He doesn’t just offer hope, He himself is the source of hope.  Moment or no moment, blessing or no blessing, a renewal of life comes from changing our expectations to expect Him to meet us where we are.  That is a Tiqvah that cannot be disappointed!