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Hebrew: meaning, “slack, fail, be feeble, weaken”

This may not seem like a super-exciting word.  It may describe how we feel on most days.  But wait… just wait until you see it in context.  It will change how you view this verse.

Where is it found?  Psalm 46:10

So often, we read “Be Still” and think of silence.  We picture God telling us to calm ourselves and just rest.  Raphah, though, is not the Hebrew word for ‘be still.’  There are a few, one of which is “damam” which is translated as “wait” in Psalm 62:5.  The word raphah, though, gives the idea that God is telling us, “Go ahead.  You can break.  You can lose it because I am God and it’s going to be OK.  I will be exalted.”

It reminds me of some lyrics to a song I’ve been listening to recently.  In fact, I just quoted these the other day as I counseled a woman at church.

The Calmer of the Sea, here in this room with me.  So gently welcoming the weakest things in me…”

“Let Your Light Shine,”  Bethany Dillon

He welcomes our weakness.  He can handle it, because He is God.