Recently, I have been very encouraged by the ministry of a Northern Neighbor, Sheila Wray Gregoire, a Christian speaker and author hailing from Canada.  With how much my ministry has centered around Canada, I am half-tempted to move there.  Only half-tempted.

Sheila has been an endless source of wisdom regarding the ins and outs of this type of ministry.  I’m amazed at how many of my “oh, that would be a great idea” ideas are actually not.  She’s definitely been there, done that, bought the t-shirt and turned the t-shirt into dish rags.  I feel like I am avoiding a lot of heartache and frustration by heeding her counsel, so, naturally, I am going to take a moment to point you all to her site, and her ministry.  Look her up!

She has a new book coming in January of 2012 that sounds great.

Of course, with a title like, “The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex: (And You Thought Bad Girls Have All the Fun)” how could it not be a good book?

However, for my heart’s sake, I will not be reading it.  🙂

I am so greatful that there are Christian women who are actually willing to ‘talk’ about this stuff and not just slap duct tape over the eyes, ears and mouth of the church and walk around like sex doesn’t exist and like it isn’t a real and prevalent issue.  (Getting off my soap box now).

At any rate, after reading through her website, I have taken the hours of research necessary to figure out how to pull off a e-mail newsletter and found out that this whole time it has been easy, and free for me.  I was too intimidated to try it!  So, sign up for the new newsletter!  Right now, I have not mastered the whole sign-up-by-putting-your-name-in-a-spiffy-box-on-my-website thing, but if you e-mail me your e-mail I will add you to the list!  (my email: jessica {at} beggarsdaughter {dot} com)

The first ever Live Pure, Love Pure Newsletter will be sent out in September.