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I admit I am a sucker for Biblical archeology.  I recently watched a documentary on the Biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.  The archeologists aren’t certain these are the cities but the evidence of sudden and violent destruction by fire points to these being the ancient cities destroyed by God.

Archeologists found remains of children placed in graves, and from those skeletons deduced this,

“The people of Sodom and Gomorrah couldn’t have been as bad as the Bible made them out to be.  Look at how they took care of their children.”

The Old Testament account paints a story for us of cities full of depraved individuals.  From a complete reading of the account, the cities were full to the overflowing with immorality and homosexuality.  God Himself had determined that these cities were so bad that they were to be destroyed.  Abraham ‘bargained’ with God that if he could find just a handful of righteous people the cities would be spared.  They weren’t spared.

We get into trouble when we start looking at evil through our eyes.  When we begin to determine good and evil, right and wrong, justice and injustice, we will never get it right.

I may go to church on Sunday but that doesn’t balance out watching porn on Monday.  Sin is sin, no matter how much ‘good’ is done with it.

That’s a hard truth to grasp, but we must start seeing evil as God sees evil.  We don’t have the ability to sugarcoat it and excuse it.  It is what it is and we must ask for His heart to see it for what it is, not continue to hide behind the fig leaves of our goodness.

Take a moment to reflect on the holiness of God.  That is our standard, not the standard society sets because society tells you “All things in moderation.”  Society tells you, “We have a right to happiness.”  Society tells you “It’s no big deal.”  But, society can be (and often is) wrong.

Don’t buy the lies.  Start now to reset your standard and make it the holiness of God.  Remember the ‘no loop holes’ definition for pornography.

Pornography is anything that mocks the holiness of God by destroying the sacredness of sex.