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A group of Christian women have created a website.  It’s the first of it’s kind, a devotional website for soft-core pornography.  Yes, you read that right.  They just don’t see it that way.

So often, young people ask the question, “How far is too far?”  My typical answer is that their focus in in the wrong direction.  When we ask ‘how far is too far’ we are looking at the wrong and wondering how close we can get instead of desiring to stay close to Christ.  It’s the difference between abstinence and purity.  Abstinence says, “It isn’t sex” while purity says, “It isn’t pure.”

Until now, that’s really the only ‘line’ I’ve ever confronted. 

But there is another one.  The line between forbidding the mention of sex, and talking way too much about sex. 

Parents and conservative churches adopt the former attitude, thinking that if they are quiet about sex, then their young people won’t be tempted by it.  Right.  Have you ever put a “Do Not Open” sign in front of a teenager?  It doesn’t work.  So locking sex away in some box until the night before their wedding will result in nothing more than sex sneaking out the back door and getting your young person in trouble.

However, the latter attitude toward sex is equally as dangerous. 

Sex is like a hill, and a pricker bush of immorality waits at the bottom while pureness and joy waits at the top.  But it’s quite a climb, and our tendency is to take the path of least resistance, which would be the path down. 

Locking sex in a box is like knocking a climber’s knees out from under him and expecting him to climb this mountain without any tools or support.  Of course, he’s going to roll down. 

What we should be doing is encouraging a life of purity and walking with or ahead of them, like a climbing partner. 

BUT, what often ends up happening is we get so worried about them going downhill that we try to motivate them by giving them glimpses of the top of the hill.  Glimpses so bright and blinding that it drives them off a cliff, and they hopelessly fall, crashing into the pricker bush.

This website would be a ski lift to the cliff’s edge.  It takes a lot to make me blush, and I don’t think I’ve ever been as red as I was this morning.  Right after a rousing story about a woman of the Bible, I read the question of the day.  It was Question One-Hundred Something (I hate to see the first 100 questions), and it asked what the married couple’s favorite position was.

Other questions asked about the duration of intimacy, how soon the couple falls asleep, what their secret fantasies are.  What’s more: women were actually answering these questions!  Christian women.  I closed the window when I came across a woman discussing her husband’s stamina.  My stomach nearly wretched. 

This is publicly accessible material.  It is straight-up erotica, which is soft-core pornography.  Throwing a couple of stories about Delilah, and Sarai into the mix does not make it Biblical, nor does it make it justified.

This would be an instance of the line being crossed.  Why not just put up a webcam for all of the world to see.  Don’t tell me this encourages young women to wait; this is hurting them; it’s opening up a world they have no right being in.  As far as I am concerned a site like that has no right calling itself “Christian” or dragging God into the mix at all, but I am interested in your thoughts.

Is this crossing the line?