Yes, I am still here (for the faithful few of you who tolerate those days my life goes crazy and I can’t get here).  I have spent the last couple days working on the new Beggar’s Daughter site.  It is flash, and it is just fantastic.  It makes my heart smile.

With that, and with recent spiritual deserts, has come this desire to pour my heart and soul into this ministry and allow God to lead.  I know you might be thinking, “Well duh, Jessica, haven’t you already been doing that?”  Well, yes.  My problem is I question myself. All. the. time.

Being in this type of ministry can be like walking a tightrope- there is a fine line between sharing God’s grace and airing my dirty laundry for the entire world to see.  Mind you, I think we, as a judgemental, condemning church have made that line much finer than necessary.  There is a fine line between dignity and pride, as well. 

So many times I have thought, “Oh, I could do this” and God opens all the doors but then I stand there thinking, “What if this is me?  What if this isn’t what God wanted.”  I forget that key fact that “God opened all the doors.”  Do I honestly think that God would lead me to this place if it is wrong?? 

We sure have a way of making our faith exponentially more complicated than it needs to be, don’t we?

At any rate, the new site will be up by the weekend, Lord willing.  There’s a bunch of domain switching stuff that has to happen.  I’ve upped the SEO on the site and on the blog to get it up higher in the rankings of search engines.  That also makes it more susceptible to “bad” people, so if you see something that doesn’t look right, you need to tell me ASAP.  I have a bunch of security measures in place, but even the CIA can get hacked.  (Not that I’m as secure as the CIA)

What I need most from you now, other than prayers, is for you ladies to fill out this survey.  It is very short and simple and can be taken without an account or signing up or anything.  I won’t know who took it, but the information from it will be helpful in many ways.  Not only will it help me cater this ministry to fit its audience but it will also help with the furtherance of the ministry.  I call it ‘bullets for my gun.’

Thank you for your encouragement and your prayers.