I grew up living with farmers.  We no longer lived on a farm but the lessons from farming were instilled in me at a young age.  Farmers depend a lot on the weather, and as such, have keen eyes, ears, noses, etc when it comes to predicting weather patterns.  I can remember countless Sundays, coming home from church, we would find the roast had boiled dry.  Without fail, my grandmother would say, “Must be a storm coming.” Indeed, the next day– rain.

My grandparents taught me how to watch animals.  Their behaviour indicates changing weather.  Plants are the same way.  As storms approach, leaves will actually turn over, revealing their paler green side.  The sky will change color, the wind will change direction.  All of that without the help of the highly over-paid weatherman.

It made me think of the storms in our lives.  The times when we are most likely to fall to temptation.  There are warning signs.  There are patterns.  They may be different for everyone of us.

Knowing them will give us time to either set things right or seek shelter.  If we are tired, feel sick and home alone and know that those are signs of a coming storm, then we need to act and act now, not later, when the storm is upon us. 

Be able to identify them and know that, for you, they will probably never change.  If tired, sick and alone is a bad combo now, it will probably be a bad combo later.  Your job is not to keep it from being a bad combo.  Let’s face it- tired, sick, and alone can never really be a good combo!  Your job is to have an action plan in place.  Your job is to be very aware of when the storm of temptation is coming and to seek shelter in the Most High. 

What are your warning signs of a coming storm?