This is a blog-wide Q & A session 🙂

I just got a Tumblr the other day.  Have a score (actually a couple scores) of teenage and college age women following me already which is super exciting for me because that’s my age group!  Well, not my age group– my target audience age group.

At any rate, I asked them this question and have gotten some good feedback so far, so I am asking you as well.

There’s a book in the works.  I can tell you that the publishing world is rivaled in difficulty only by the pursuit of marriage.  Well, maybe it isn’t that hard, but it’s hard.

I already have a basic outline and the first four chapters (of ten, so far), but I want to hear from you.  Say God handed you a slip of paper and wanted you to write down the thoughts that were plaguing your mind most, what would they be?


“Will this go away when I am married?”

“I was assaulted when I was little.  How do I find healing?”

As a woman struggling with lust, what are some things you just want/need to know or hear?

If there were a resource already out there and you flipped to the table of contents, what is one topic you would want to see covered?