Last Wednesday, June 1, I had a brilliant idea.  Being the impulsive woman that I am, I am acting on that idea.  So from June 6 to June 15, I am going on a Martha-free fast.  Now that I have your attention, I get to do the fun part- explain!

I’ve been getting discouraged lately.  I know you don’t see that, but it happens.  We ministry people get thrown on some ridiculous pedestal but we are far from having life wrapped up in a cute little bow, I will tell you that much.  If it isn’t one thing it’s another and there are days when I feel like shutting down Beggar’s Daughter and getting a “real job” (as if teaching isn’t a real job– I know– we all get weird twisted logic at times).  A life of ministry like this can be discouraging.

So, on June 1, I set aside some time with Jesus, which I had been missing out on.  I realized that technology was just giving me a run for my money.  I had all this free time but was spending it updating my blogs, submitting articles, texting, checking e-mails, responding to e-mails, writing, and the list goes on.  Before I knew it, I had spent hours on the computer, my eyes were turning red and I was just exhausted.  Ever had one of those days?  As a writer and doing this, I have them ALOT.

I have done Facebook fasts before but God popped the idea in my head to do a technology fast.

I was reminded of the story of Mary and Martha, and He gently reminded me of how refreshing the time in the Word had been this morning.  I had read through part of 1 Samuel, a handful of Psalms and a Proverb and just encountering His word brought me to a state of brokenness.  I just felt like I had failed Him simply because I hadn’t spent time with Him.  No wonder I was feeling frazzled and ready to throw in the towel (Martha!).  Ministry cannot be done in our own power.  It is absolutely 100% impossible.  It wasn’t that I was trying to do it in my own power, I was just neglecting the need to refuel!

Immediately after devotions, I logged on the computer (oh the irony) and found a news story on a woman who spent 10 days without spending a single penny.  What did she do?  She banked ahead.  She made sure she had all of her affairs in order so that she could take the 10 days and enjoy them, penny free.

How would the Bible story have looked if Martha had handled it that way? It would have read completely differently.

So, I, being the impulsive woman I am (and I am, believe me), decided to do it.  I combined the two.  For these ten days I am doing a Martha-free fast.  No technology- no TV, no texting (though I will still *call* people and *talk* to them), no CD players, no radios, no computer, no e-mails and no money spending.

Isn’t that what gets us as adults?  We feel chained to our technology and burdened by finances.  I am interested to see if being free from those things for ten days changes how I view life and faith.  I am curious to see if it is possible to ‘take a vacation’ without going anywhere.  Think about what we love about vacation! No computer, no cell phone, no bills.  That can be reconstructed without going anywhere.

More than that, though, I am excited to see if it takes me to a different level in my faith.  With nothing to distract me or weigh on my mind, and endless days to be Mary, just sitting at the feet of Jesus, I am super excited about what that will bring.  It’s gotta be good right?  

So why do I tell you?  Well, for a couple reasons.

1) I won’t be responding to Beggar’s Daughter e-mails or administrating comments.  Part of this is putting Beggar’s Daughter on auto-pilot.  That means all of the blog posts in these ten days were actually written beforehand and are predestined to post when I tell them to. 

2) I double dog dare you to do it too!  Maybe not the same ten days.  It takes a little preparation, but I tell you, I am excited about what is to come.  I often tell women that freedom is not hating pornography; it’s loving God, and I am excited to have ten days where the world is much quieter and I can just focus on sitting in His presence and soaking Him in.  I am so pumped.  Like I can’t wait for Monday (It’s Wednesday evening, in case you are curious). 

What makes you Martha?  Would you be willing to give it up for ten days in order to be a Mary? 

I dare you.