The other day, I found myself singing the chorus of a Christina Aguillera song that I last heard years ago.  Of course, it would have to be the raunchiest part of the song, and I had been singing it for about ten minutes before I realized what I was singing.  Has that ever happened to you?  (Maybe not with Christina Aguillera)

It’s because songs have these things called hooks.  Apparently some of them are pretty good too, since I haven’t listened to mainstream secular music for about 7 years now.  A hook is the ‘catchy’ part of the song.  The part of the song that gets stuck in your head when you can’t remember the rest of it.  That’s the hook.

It is appropriately-named because that’s exactly what Satan uses them for– hooks.  Sure you may be free, but he is still latched into the corner of your mind like a little tick, burrowed in there, sucking blood and making you sick.

So- search for a way to counter those hooks.

As you’ve guessed, one of my personal steps was to stop listening to secular music {period}  It made no sense to me to remove the little barbs while standing in the middle of a thorn bush.  I would get rid of one just to replace it with another.  So, I decided to step out of the thorn bush and remove the hooks by replacing them with God-honoring ones.  If I want a song stuck in my head, I want it to be a good one, not Christina Aguillera.

Need some pointers?

Here are some tunes I’ve listened to lately.

Someone Worth Dying For– Mikeschair  (listen especially to verse 2!)

What if We were Real -Mandisa  (This whole CD is great)

Lost Get Found -Britt Nicole

This is the Stuff– Francesca Battistelli

Listen to the Sound– Building 429

Beauty of the Cross– Johnny Diaz


Alright, your turn.  What’s your favorite song?