I am excited to share this news with you.  I have recently developed a session that speaks to pornography and lust as it relates to a woman’s ability to ministry.  For nearly a year now, I have been praying about the idea of “P.I.L.O.”  Pronounce “pillow” it stands for “Press In, Launch Out” and speaks to the importance of having a growing relationship with God in order to have His power to do His work.

Frankly, we can’t evangelize and minister effectively if our hearts are crippled by lust, and the coolest part: the answer is in the question.

While the session idea has been in my mind, as I said, for a year now, I have just recently developed it for an upcoming event.  P.I.L.O. will debut in Canada on Friday, May 20, where I will share with college-age Christian women who are in Ottawa for missions.  This is an angle I have become increasingly passionate about.  The missions trip sleepover atmosphere will be perfect as well.

If you know of a ministry that could use some “P.I.L.O. Talk,” have them contact me.

God bless!