Obviously the national events of the past three days have been unique, to say the least.  With the wedding of Prince William and Duchess Kate on Friday and now the death of Osama Bin Laden, we have had plenty of opportunity for thoughts all over the board.  From fairy-tale elation one moment to pride, victory and anger the next.

I don’t think I am stretching this too far when I say that many of us experience this whirlwind of thoughts on practically a daily basis.  One moment we are lost in fairytales, the next we are overtaken with a seething vengeful anger and pride.  Sound familiar?

Sounds a lot like our battle with lust.  In fact, this is how it starts.  Not with a wedding and the death of a terrorist, but with cultural norms of thought.  Whatever culture dictates is acceptable becomes our acceptable thought.  We were obsessed with William and Kate’s wedding because culture was obsessed with William and Kate’s wedding.  We are ‘rejoicing’ over the death of Osama Bin Laden because culture is rejoicing over the death of Osama Bin Laden.

But we are called to live outside of culture.  We are called to break the cultural norms.  When we conform to them, that’s when we fall.

When we conform to the wedding obsession, it isn’t long before it becomes our wedding obsession, becomes our wedding fantasy, becomes a pitfall for our purity.  When we conform to society’s “you’ll get yours” attitude, we become full of hatred when we are called to be full of love.

The life of a Christian is truly counter-cultural and yet culture-changing.  We are called to a higher and better way of thinking and it starts with the little things.  We develop patterns of thought when we respond to anything.  We must start applying Biblical principles to how we think.  Then, we will find ourselves closer to understanding purity.

Think of this truth: there is no heirarchy of sin with God.  Sin is sin and no one can get into Heaven with sin.  Society rejoices today because Osama Bin Laden “got what was coming to him” but realize this, as sinners, we deserve the same end.  As a pornographer, as a masturbator, you deserve hell.

And then think of this:  If God’s grace were the way we show it, how much trouble would we really be in?

A woman once told me “you have to love God more than you hate the sin.”  It took me a long time to get it, but the recent events help make it easier to explain.  Let’s face it, many of us hated Osama Bin Laden.  Hated so much to the point that we rejoice at the fact that he is dead.  Do you realize that means he is more than likely burning in hell? Forever.  That is his new reality and we are happy about that!

BUT.  That fact is actually supposed to break our hearts.  Why?  Because it breaks God’s.  One more of His creations has reached the point of no return.  One more soul will never know the embrace of the Divine Lover.  That should break us.

The difference comes in our focus.  In one scenario, we are focusing on the wrongs of one man and becoming monsters in doing so.  In the other scenario, we are drawing near to the heart of Christ, and the world changes around us. 

The same is true with sin.  If you spend all of your time hating sin, hating pornography, hating masturbation, hating lust, you will never have victory.  You will ‘cut the head’ off of one part and another will take its place.  But, if you draw near the heart of God and focus on loving Him, sin will lose its hold in your thought and life.

What can you do today to begin to change your focus?