Welcome to the new Beggar’s Daughter blog!  Not only does it have a new face and a new name but also a new purpose.

Those of you who have followed a while know I was bad at updating the blog {period}.  Looking back, I think it’s because I didn’t know why I even had one! It was the thing to do, I guess, but it felt so akward updating about Beggar’s Daughter.

This past week has been a week of faith and change.  God has convicted about areas where I was really coming short.  And it hit me:

Where’s the ministry?

Where’s the hope?

So, the name, “Purity After Pornography” was born, because that’s what God desires for those of us who find ourselves struggling with pornography, masturbation and other lust sins.  He doesn’t think we are too far gone.  He doesn’t want us to stay where we are!

With Easter just wrapping up, there is a renewed realization that Christ came to set us free. But, it’s beyond setting us free.  He came to give us purpose.  He came to give us hope!

1 Peter 1:3 says we are “…begotten…again unto a lively hope…”  For those who didn’t grow up on King James, the Amplified (my second-favorite) says this, “…By His boundless mercy we have been born again to an ever-living hope…”

It’s such a beautiful truth that we so often ignore.  It’s not that we intend to ignore it.  It’s just that the devil’s lies can sometimes speak so much louder than Scripture.  We have a hard time quieting our heart and listening to our Savoiur who gently calls us to Himself.

Come, He says, Give Me your rags.  Give me the guilt, the shame, the fear.  I died for this.  I died to set you free.  Let me take those, and here, My child, put on hope.

That’s my prayer for every one of you.  Whether you are an addict or you love one, please hold on to truth and put on hope.  Our Redeemer is alive, and as long as He lives (which is forever, by the way), there is hope.